October 11, 2012

the little room that could day 5, day 6, day 7

so here we are on day 5.  i selected behr's interior satin colors warm muffin (330D-4) and lightweight beige (330C-2) for my base colors over the grout color.  i used a split pan and roller set to get two colors on at the same time.

the rollers leave a great pattern and make a really nice blend.

 when it came time to do behind the door and the little tiny strip to the left of the trim, i used a little edging brush.  i dabbed the brush along the wall intermittently then switched colors.  it blends real well so it doesn't look like a patch job.  besides it's going to be covered by the next layer of color.

here's how it looks finished.  i've used these tools and this technique in other rooms.  using different colors and a color wash you can achieve beautiful faux finish results, and it's really, really easy.  the roller does the work for you.

day 6,7, and beyond

for my color coat i again chose behr's interior satin/eggshell.  my "brown" is called cinnamon brand (230D-7), my "green" is called wilderness (390F-7), and my "red" is called spanish leather (300D-7). 
it was my intention to use a couple swipes of each color and blend them on the wall.  by the time i finished about four blocks i found they weren't blending well.  it was difficult to get them to "move" on the wall.  i used floetrol with the two beige base colors to help move the paint around, but i was too lazy to mix up three new batches in three buckets for my three colors.  i had two small spray bottles i attempted to use to wet the wall and "smoosh" the paint around but, naturally, both were broken.  i decided to just dip the paint brush into all three colors at once.  this worked pretty well and i could blend the paint and push it around with a rag.  here's what it looked like with finished.

i was feeling nauseous at this point.  it was really bold and alot darker than i wanted.  it was not looking like my muse wall.  i know i could paint over it with the beige basecoats again and choose different colors, but i wasn't sure if i hated it or if i just didn't love it.  i decided to just finish it.  if it all came out like the dog's breakfast, there's always "builder beige".  when i started taking the tape off the walls it seemed to change the character.

i guess i wasn't violently opposed to it and just took all the tape off.  here it is almost finished.  i still have to shadow the blocks and then put a glaze over the top since the contrast between the grout and blocks is pretty stark.  i also need to paint the ceiling.  i need to paint the trim, and i have no idea what i'm going to do with the closet doors and the back of the main door.  right now they're just gigantic white monoliths.  it almost hurts to look at them.
the colors keep changing with each photograph depending on the light in the room, the flash, and the angle.  the photos below are the most accurate.
okay, maybe it's not so horrible.  it's alot darker than i wanted, but it's doable.  i haven't selected my fabrics yet, but i think it'll look good with those cute little twin beds i bought.
i have to take a nap now.

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