October 24, 2012

the little room, day 8 through 12

i've been painting shadow lines around the stones. i mixed the brown color and the green color i had been using on the wall as well as adding a touch of black acrylic to muddy and darken the mix. i only used this particular color mix because that's what i had on hand.  it's taken 5 days so far only because i'm only in there 3 hours at a time.  it's really tedious, as are most of the steps in this project.

today's cloudy and stormy so i've had a hard time capturing a good photo, but i'm going to just throw it out there anyway. 

most of my time was spent deciding how many of the blocks get which side shaded.  i have to consider where the light source is.  i laid my little arty paintbrush against the wall to see how much of a shadow it would make to determine where i would paint my shadows.   i think only three blocks are shaded on three sides, oops.

no one is actually going to come in to the room and say "wow, for a minute there i thought these were real."  it's like somebody with pink hair - you know it's not real, so you just accept and embrace it for what it is.  at least i hope so.
now i have to color wash all of the walls to soften the grout/stone transition.  then paint and stencil all of the doors.  i found this stencil pattern on line while i was searching faux finishes.  

sorry, i don't know who to credit this photo to
 i have no hope of replicating the effect because i barely know what i am doing anyway, much less this stunning effect. isn't it great?
i just got my new stencil from royaldesignstudio.com.  it comes in large and small.  i'm going to use it on the big closet doors so i ordered the large and it was $$$.  $39.00!! yikes.   i'm looking forward to using it, though i don't yet know what i'm going to do.  i really like the look of the blue and rust.  it looks like looking outside through a trellis.  and the blue color would be nice to break up all the gold and brown stones in the room.  hmmm, dare i?
photo courtesy of royaldesignstudio.com website

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