September 7, 2012

casa de munchkin

our little bichon frise has ruled the roost ever since christmas '07 when he adopted us (actually, he rules just me and zoe... hubby swears the dog has no hold over him) .  he's always on the couch gettin' the lovin', usually on hubby's chest, upside down, getting his belly rubbed.  ya, no hold over you, hon.

he is such a character; loaded with personality and charm.   he makes himself clear when it's time to go outside.    he gives you the stare-down until you just can't take it anymore.  when you ask "do you want to go outside?" he starts barking and hopping.  he's so happy when he sees you first thing in the morning and when you get home from work and when you get home from the grocery store and when you come in from outside and when you come out of the bathroom.  he grabs a toy and tries to bark through a toy-stuffed mouth which usually just comes out more like a yodel.   he hops up on his back feet and waves his front legs at you and gives you the authentic "bichon wave".   that little dog gets so excited he just doesn't know what to do with himself.
he's never had a decent, breed-specific haircut since he's owned us and he usually just looks gross.   he usually gets a bath and haircut just before company arrives since they'll be obliged to make a spot on their laps for him.   he eats grass, lemons, dirt, tomatoes, candles, sharpies, carrots, and headphones.   he licks your toes, the carpeting, and Zoe's ears. 
he's been called "Q-tip" and "popcorn face", "little dickhead" and "shit lips".  we made the mistake of buying less than premium dog food, you know, something under $80 a bag, and it seems it made for some real tempting treats out in the yard, if you know what i mean. but he didn't stop at his own puppy nuggets.....noooo, he thought zoe's were pretty special too. picture if you will munchkin creeping up behind zoe while she's doing "her privacies".   watching with such great anticipation as the first warm little nugget hits the ground, then bobbing his head up and down as he watches each nugget's exit and landing.    as soon as zoe's moved on, he would just start "diggin' in".    it wasn't long before he stopped waiting for them to hit the ground and just perched under her with his mouth open, just waitin' for the goodness to start falling like manna from heaven. you know how someone looks when they toss a piece of popcorn way up in the air and catch it in their mouths? ya, that's what it looked like.  he's pretty much a shame to his breed. 
bichon's smile.  when they get excited they just pull back their lips.  their black lips and white teeth look like they have an oreo stuffed in their mouth.  munchkin is such a clown, and smart?  man is he smart.  he clearly understands words, even words not spoken directly to him.  when hubby says he's "going to bed", munch darts off to his own bed.  hands on the hips means it's time to go check the mail.  a couple of little tosses of your head and he'll talk to you.   he's so funny.  he takes a dump then runs like his tail's on fire.

when you pull the leash out of the closet?  holy mother of god!  you'd think the house was on fire.  he about turns himself inside out.  he wiggles so much with excitement it's hard to put the leash on him.  and is high-pitched excessive barking can make your ears bleed.  we usually just let him out the door without his leash on and it takes until the mailbox for him to stop jumping up and down and begging to have his leash put on.  that little dude is a charmer.  he'll bring a toy and drop it at your feet.  he'll wait an hour for you to throw it if he had to. 
if you've ever been owned by a bichon, you know what i mean.  if you've yet been lucky enough to live with one of these little beasts, you're missing out on affection, devotion, companionship, and a joi de vivre wrapped in fur.  all they ask is your lap and that you never, never, never stop petting them.
but these are not my dog.

this is my dog.  this is munchkin.

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